Wadi Tiwi provides people with one of the most fun outdoor activities in Oman as you drive on narrow, uphill road through an Omani village and you get to experience hiking, canyoning. During the exciting, uphill drive to the wadi, experience the daily life of the village people. Once the driving has finished, it will only get better as the fun hiking, canyoning and camping starts. Including Wadi Tiwi in your next outdoor adventure in Oman is a must-do as you will experience a lot of things!

Do I need 4×4 /4wd/ car to drive to Wadi Tiwi?

Yes, you can rent fully outfitted 4×4 cars from Latitude Expeditions for more affordable price with expertise advice.

What kind of camping equipment do I need for Wadi Tiwi?

Latitude Expeditions have every top-quality camping equipment ready for rental. The equipment has to be high-quality due to the sun, wind and weather.

How can I explore around Wadi Tiwi on my own?

No worries, with any of your rentals, Latitude Expeditions will provide you with complimentary tour itinerary and everything you should know about your exciting adventure in Oman! On top of that, we will be able to assist you through mobile phone all the time.