Salmah Plateau is the top destination for people who are looking for amazing off-road driving experience and the best camping point in Oman. The first activity that makes the destination exciting is off-road driving experience as you will be driving through the clouds towards the sky for 40-50 minutes. Then, you will have spectacular view from the amazing camping point where moon, stars will be shining on you and you will see the clouds from top. Don’t skip on the best camping point in Oman!

Do I need 4×4 /4wd/ car to drive to Salmah Plateau?

Yes, you can rent fully outfitted 4×4 cars from Latitude Expeditions for more affordable price.

What kind of camping equipment do I need for Salmah Plateau?

Latitude Expeditions have every top-quality camping equipment ready for rental. The equipment has to be high-quality due to the sun, wind and weather.

How can I explore around Salmah Plateau on my own?

No worries, with any of your rentals, Latitude Expeditions will provide you with complimentary tour itinerary and everything you should know about your exciting adventure in Oman! On top of that, we will be able to assist you through mobile phone all the time.