We use our years of experience to introduce you to Oman beyond the beaten track.

At Latitude Expeditions, we want you to explore Oman in a different way to the typical tourist holiday. Instead of simply guiding you through obvious highlights, we use our years of experience to introduce you to Oman beyond the beaten track with self-driven tours. Very few people get to experience the country this way. Fully equipped with our 4×4, camping equipment and tour itinerary, your trip will be exciting and unconventional.

Reputation & Expertise

Our team draws on years of experience of exploring Oman and what it has to offer. We have been a leading adventure tourism provider for over 7 years, with a wide reach across the Arabian Gulf and a reputation for authentic adventure tourism. You can be confident that all our self-driven tours are tried and tested for maximum enjoyment and adrenaline.

Authenticity with Latitude

What we and our customers value most is genuine experience: a real connection with what nature can offer us, an understanding of local culture and values we can take back home. All our handpicked experiences engage you with untouched natural landscapes and leave you feeling like you’ve learned something new about yourself.

Eco-tourism is a big part of what we do: unlike commercial mass tourism, we focus on creative, low-impact alternatives. We believe we can benefit from nature without hurting it, and this ethos is at the heart of our tailored expeditions.

We like to focus on providing bespoke access to the offbeat wonders of Oman. With every trip, there’s an element of mystery and discovery for you to pursue at your own pace.

Think of us as adventure architects: you tell us what you like, what you don’t, how long you have and what you’re curious to explore. Give us a few hours and we’ve made your vision a reality, with our tailor-made trips covering the A to Z. It’s a holiday without the hassle, but with every bit of adrenaline and excitement.


Ali Husain

Ali started his career in the oil industry working for bp exploration in Alaska and the Arctic. He progressed around the world working in Oman, offshore Abu Dhabi and Kuwait. In 2013, he left the oil industry and his job as the Petroleum Engineering Manager for the world 5th largest oil field to focus on Husaak Adventures in 2013, the company that inspired many people and businesses to build the outdoor industry in Oman and the Gulf region. Ali's continuous lateral thinking have brought this concept of self-drive safaris around Oman to you, to put you behind the wheel and in charge of this journey you are about to take!

4x4 suv rental oman muscat
4x4 suv rental oman muscat

Yahya Al Lawati

Yahya has always been passionate about traveling, seeking new adventures, and meeting new people, while trying to promote Oman as a destination for adventure travel and being the best ambassador for his country, Oman. Inspired by Husaak Adventures vision for the tourism industry growth and plan in the region, and believing in the potential of Tourism in Oman, Yahya has decided to give up his career in the Oil & Gas industry as a Drilling Engineer to start Latitude Expeditions. Yahya, along with his team, will work closely with you to ensure the delivery of your needs with quality, and to maximize the value of your experience.